The Drummer Girl


The Drummer Girl is handcrafted marionette. The garments are hand-sewn from carefully selected fabrics. Face, hands and feets made by ceramic and face is hand painted by acrilyc paints.

The puppet’s height is 74-77cm (with ropes 95 to 105cm)

The Drummer Girl is a handcrafted marionette by greek artist Vasiliki Savvani from the island of Santorini. She spends a lot of time choosing materials for creating her puppets, like: fabrics, leather, ceramic, acrilyc paints and even wood. Clothes are hand-sewn and face hand painted. The body of marionette Drummer Girl is filled with cotton, so you can hang it or make her sit. It’s a great choice for decoration a cottage, house, shop, cafe etc. Worldwide shipping.


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