Puss in Boots


To create the marionette Puss in Boots the artist uses different fabrics, every detail is hand-sewn, face, hands and feets made by ceramic. His face is hand painted by acrilyc paints. Hat and boots made by genuine leather. Legs and tail are made by hypoallergenic fur.

The puppet’s height is 90-96cm (with ropes 115 to 120cm)


Puss in boots is handmade marionette. The interpretation like this you’re never see. It’s unique vision of the greek artist Vasiliki Savvani. Handcrafted each detail. Hand-sewn from carefully selected textile, hypoallergenic fur, genuine leather. The had and hands made by ceramic. Detailed hand painted face. The body is filled with cotton so he can sit on the furniture and on other interior objects. Also, you can hang it from the ceiling. Puss in Boots will be a great solution to decorate any place.

In the imagination of Vasiliki Savvani Puss in Boots is a handsome, elegant and stylish guy.


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